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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> ed: good evening and welcome again to "tucker carlson tonight," i am ed henry filling in for tucker through the end of the week. we have seen some unbelievable performances from president trump but today, to borrow a phrase from the kid, it was next level. was it amazing orbit out there? spellbinding or shocking? jaw-dropping or mica dropping? the answer is yes. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> i do not think there's ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we've done. a new rasmussen poll in fact, because the people get it, much of the media does not get it,
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they get it but they do not write it, let's put it that way. a new poll just came out just a very short while ago and it has our approval rating at 55%, and going up. the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of the control. fake news fabricated deal to make up for the loss of the democrats and the press plays right into it. in fact, i saw a couple of the people that were supposedly involved with all of this, they know nothing about it. they were not in russia, they never made a phone call to russia. they never received a phone call. it is all fake news. fake news. when i looked at the information, i said, if anything he did something right. he was coming into office. he looked at the information. he said oh, that's fine. that's what they are supposed to
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do. he called and spoke to both ways -- i think they were 30 some odd countries. he was just doing his job. "the new york times" wrote a big long page about this, it was very much discredited as you know. it's a joke and the people mentioned in the story, i noticed they were on television today say they never even spoke to russia. mrs. fake news put out by the media. the real news is the fact that people probably from the obama administration, because we have our new people going in place right now, mike pompeo is now taking control of the cia. "wall street journal" did a story today that was almost as disgraceful as the failing "new york times" story. you saw, front page.
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director of national intelligence just put out -- acting -- a statement, the intelligence community, this was just given to us, is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team. that's not true. so, they took this front-page story out of "the wall street journal" and they just wrote the story, it's not true. i will tell you something, i will be honest. because i sort of enjoy this back and forth and i guess i have all my life but i've never seen more dishonest media thing on political media. >> you said today you had the biggest electoral margin since reagan. in fact, president obama got more. george h.w. bush, when he won as
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president. why should americans trust -- >> i was just given that information. >> reporter: why should americans trust you when you are providing fake information? >> i've seen that information around. it was a very substantial victory, do you agree with that? >> reporter: you are the president. >> i'm not okay when it is fake. i watch cnn, there is so much anger and hatred. and just the hatred. i don't not watch it anymore because -- it's okay, jim, you will have your chance. i watch others, too. don't feel bad. i think it should be straight, it would be more interesting. i think it would actually be better. people, you have a lower approval rating than congress,
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jim. >> we don't hate you, i do not hate you. >> ask jeb zucker how he got his job. you do have other people. your ratings are not as good as some of the other people. go ahead, jim. >> i may follow up on that, you said that the leaks are real but the news is fake. i guess i do not understand, it seems that there is a disconnect there, information coming from those leaks is real, then how can the stories be fake? >> jim, you know what it is? the public, they read newspapers and see television, they watch. they do not know if it is true or false. because they are not involved. i am involved. i've been involved with this stuff all my life. i am involved. i know when you are telling the truth or when you're not. i see many, many untruthful
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things. you look at your show that goes on at 10:00 in the evening. take a look at that show. that is a constant hit, the panel is almost always exclusive, anti-trump. the good news is he doesn't have good ratings. the panel is almost exclusive anti-trump. the hatred and venom coming from his mouth. coming from other people on your network. i will say this, i watch it. i see it. i am amazed by it. and i just think you would be a lot better off -- i honestly do. the public gets it coming you know. when i go to rallies, they want to throw their placards at cnn. i think he would do much better by being different. they will take this news conference, i'm actually having a very good time. they will take this news conference -- don't forget, that's the way i wanted.
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no, that's how i won. i won with news conferences and probably speeches. i did not win with people listening to you people, that is for sure. donald trump, rants and raves the press conference. i am not ranting and raving, i'm just telling you -- you are dishonest people. i love this, i'm having a good time doing this. >> reporter: just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, i just want to ask you -- aren't you -- >> very fake news. >> reporter: real news, mr. president. i do like the sound of secretary acosta -- >> you're not related to... >> reporter: aren't you concerned that you are undermining the people's faith in the first amendment, freedom of the press, the press in this
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country when you call stories you do not like fake news? why not to say it's a story i do not like? undermining confidence in our news media? >> you are right about that except this. i know when i should get good and when i should get bad. i know what's good and bad. i'd be a good reporter, not as good as you. i know what's good, i know it's bad. when they change it and make it really bad, something that should be positive, something that should be very positive they will make okay. they will even make it negative. because i am there, i know what was said, who is saying it -- i am there. it's very important to me -- look, i want to see an honest press. i started off today by saying it is so important to the public to get an honest press. the public does not believe you people anymore. if you were straight, i would be
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your biggest booster and biggest fan in the world. including stories about me. cnn as an example, story after story after story is bad. i won. i won. the other thing, chaos. there is zero chaos. this is a fine-tuned machine. reince priebus happens to be doing a good job at half this is is putting out lives. this whole russia scan, you don't talk about the real subject which is illegal leaks -- i watched him yesterday working so hard, to try and get that story properly and i'm saying here is my chief of staff, a really good guy, he did a phenomenal job -- we won the election. we won the presidency. we got some senators all over the country, he's done a great job. i said to somebody, you take a
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look at reince priebus, he is working so hard just putting out flyers, that are fake flyers. they are not true. isn't that a shame? he would rather be working on health care, he would rather be working on tax reform. >> ed: i can attest, that, my friends is truly a presidential news conference unlike any we have ever seen. was it a chance for the president to score some points by giving a tongue lashing? but it seemed very clear there is something else happening in the newsroom. whenever he had a rough patch in that campaign, candidate trump would give a speech or have a news conference with the media smacked down. then he would also hit the road for one of his big rallies where he feeds off the crowd. in the words of a one time campaign manager, let trump be trump. now that he is in the white house, will it give him a boost or might it backfire?
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james rosen, live on the north lawn. >> good evening, what we sell is effectively a one-two punch or at least the installment. he has accomplished more than any president, says trump. that is his view and the white house white house is running like a fine-tuned machine. but he and his aides are cognizant about michael flynn and the executive order, the president made it clear he is going to go over the head of the news media and combat what he says is there dishonesty, directly himself. >> we are not going to let it happen because i am here again to take my message straight to the people. as you know, our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy. to be honest, i inherited a
6:12 pm
mess. it is a mess. at home and abroad. a mess. >> the second part of this one-two punch will come on saturday when the president will hold a big rally in orlando, florida. it will be an opportunity for aides to organize a massive crowd. for all of the beltway news we are hearing, this sort of unflattering headline, this is the man who enjoys an enduring communion with the american electorate. that's their opportunity. >> ed: important point to make it, james. they feel part of the problem is that chuck schumer has slowed down the cabinet. then there is still obama people all over the bureaucracy of the intel community and elsewhere undermining the commander-in-chief with some of these leaks. >> that's right, a lot of anecdotal evidence floating around town right now, difficult to prove, difficult to sort out but nonetheless achieving a kind of critical mass suggesting that
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people who were occupying high positions in the intelligence agencies under barack obama have released these kind of poison bombs to undermine donald trump in the early days of his presidency. again, in this news conference today he made it clear that he will take a direct personal role in combating these leaks. >> i've gone to all of these folks in charge of the various agencies and i have actually called the justice department to look into the leaks. those are criminal leaks. put out by people either in agencies, i'd think you will see it is stopping. >> the question remains whether they will heed the warning, to combat leaks in their time but of course went too far. >> ed: james, another point i was fascinated by -- a human side of the president when he was asked about allegations of
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anti-semitism on the part of people close to him and he kind of opened up. >> on the one hand, people who know donald trump will say that he is thin-skinned, overreacts to even the slightest criticism, on the other hand this is a man who has endured criticism like no other probably. including these charges of anti-semitism, he opened up on that in this news conference today. >> i hate the charge, i find it repulsive. i hate even the question because people that know me -- and you heard the prime minister, netanyahu yesterday. bibi. and then he said i have known donald trump for a long time. you should take that and liston. >> we will probably see more of that on saturday in florida, ed. >> ed: that very question as
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you noted, good to see you, president trump cited our own charles krauthammer, charles tells us what he thinks of the president's battles with reporters next. screaming from the rooftops, that nothing short of the freedom of the press is hanging about after today's news room. but what is a bigger threat? combative relationships between the president and the press or fawning over? we will discuss that next. remil. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement
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>> you can talk all you want about russia, which was all fake
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news -- a fabricated deal to make up for the loss of the democrats, the press plays right into it. i thought a couple of the people that were supposedly involved with all of this, they know nothing about it. they were not in russia, never made a phone call to russia. never received a phone call. it is all fake news. all fake news. i did not direct him but i would have directed him. it came out that way and in all fairness, i watched dr. charles krauthammer the other night, saying he was doing his job. and i agreed with him. since then, i've watched many other people say that. >> ed: that was president trump citing charles krauthammer's words. well, what is charles himself think about clashing with reporters today? did he make the points he needed to make to try to turn around the ship? good to see you. >> good to be here. he called me doctor, that was
6:20 pm
what was most important. i feel like the $100,000 of med school tuition is now vindicate vindicated. >> ed: i also feel like you to go were making progress. what if he call you on the campaign, a dummy or something? >> that was the easiest name. he got quite upset about my commentary on the day he announced and i did not say nice things about him. i think i called him a rodeo clown. but... poisoning the relationships again. then he tweeted about my book and he said, "look socks." i read it on the air the next night. >> ed: let's get to the substance, he was on special
6:21 pm
report a few nights ago where i recall you saying that in the case of general michael flynn, there was a cover-up without a crime, but the president did not mention that you also went after flynn. >> my question is this: why cover-up if there is no crime? i was there on the data story broke, the fact that it sounded very odd and nonscandalous. if the national security advisor -- the guy who is coming in, three weeks before he comes into office is talking with the russian ambassador, that is a good thing. where is the scandal? let's say he did discuss sanctions. so what? worst-case scenario, he gives them a heads up that the trump administration will undo the sanctions, which in fact it has not. so what about that? it would actually help his claim that the russians did not retaliate. that is the mystery. i think all of this russia stuff, the key to it is why did
6:22 pm
he lie about it? he is a veteran, he is been here forever. he knows it is a perfectly normal thing. no one is going to prosecute him under the logan act of 1799. under which nobody has been found guilty. >> ed: speaking of prosecutions, you have the president saying basically he is going to prosecute these leaks and whether you agree that he will or not, what about the leaks? i'm hearing from a lot of reviewers, saying donald trump has taken on the establishment, he has taken on the intelligence community and they are striking back. >> i think there are two separate stories, whenever we have a great debate, the real story is that you are corrupt. the real story is that you are corrupt. there is a story here about the russian involvement and we have to get to the bottom of it. there is a second story, the revenge of the intel community but that's what i call it. however you want to look at thi
6:23 pm
this, from this 30,000-foot level of the scum of the community, one way or eight another, during the campaign and of course after the electioe wrong agency. we are sitting on the secrets, we can hit you every time we lose a story -- j. edgar hoover, he had blackmail on everybody. >> ed: isn't that chilling? at the intelligence community does not like you, and destroy you? >> i said on the air that was most chilling was that the information about what had been said by flynn with the russian ambassador came from our eavesdropping on the russians which is a good thing. we want to listen in, they listen in on us. it is a game all of us play. however, we have laws, when the
6:24 pm
nsa gets communication between an american and a foreigner, they are supposed to block out the identity of the american and yet here his name is nona. the transcript was shown. this is a terrible thing. our government is spying on us and as susan yates said, can then blackmail us. >> ed: 30 seconds, you acknowledged at the beginning of this campaign, you call donald trump of a rodeo clown. you have reporters, nonpartisan reporter saying he is unhinged, this is a freak show and i wonder whether he is being misjudged again. and saying he is going back on offense. >> it's no secret that i did not think you should have one back. the nomination or the presidency. but he is now our president. trump is the president.
6:25 pm
everybody who loves america wants the country to succeed, that means you want him to succeed. so the way i approach the presidency, however i felt about him as a candidate, i judge him by what he does day by day. >> ed: charles krauthammer, no rodeo clown to us. >> book sucks. >> ed: sad! one network used to be fake news, now it is very fake news. as mr. trump stolen the medias mojo? that's next. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology
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get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. >> the press has become so dishonest, but we don't talk about it. we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. the press honestly is out of control, the level of dishonesty is out of control. i'm not okay when it is fake. i watch cnn, there is so much anger and hatred. and just the hatred, i do not want it anymore because it is -- it's okay, jim. you will have your chance. you have a lower approval rating than congress. i certainly did not win with people listening to you people. tomorrow, they will say to donald trump rants and raves. i'm not doing that, i want to
6:30 pm
see an honest press. it is so important to the public, the public does not believe you people anymore. >> ed: as they listen to that, donald trump campaigned as donald trump and now they are surprised that he guessed, he is governing as donald trump. but take no prisoners -- how will it play from the oval office? joe reports on the media for the hill, we are joined life. and how we. this was 110% pure and old muldrow unadulterated donald trump. >> it was about entertaining, passionate, defensive, the media consistently underestimated trump not getting in the campaign, in the transition and even covering him as president, this is who he is, he has come to despise the media. but we saw here is kind of a
6:31 pm
couple years of frustration all spilling out. at the same time, he craves the medias approval. >> ed: did it go too far? >> trump was in control. he knows exactly what he's doing, he knows how to whack the media, he knows how to rile up his supporters. at the same time, he then goes and he tries to discredit legitimate reporting. "the washington post" was right about michael flynn, that's why he got fired. >> ed: joe, i wonder about all this, the mainstream media had their pacifiers out and were practically crying about how donald trump only calls on conservative leading organizations. why won't he call on me? 24 hours later, he is basically saying, you want to come at me, bro? >> the fix is in yesterday, he got a lot of questions. this press conference went on for nearly 77 minutes.
6:32 pm
everybody got a question. once the most popular strategy in washington? since the beginning of time, attacking an unpopular institution. right now, among republicans, nine to one, they do not trust the media. okay, republicans, that's not something we should expect. 70% of independents don't trust the media right now. wikileaks, i cannot emphasize this enough, devastated the media before the election in terms of senior members from publications and outlets colluding with the clinton campaign -- that hurt them more than they know. for trump to go after them, there really is no downside. >> ed: hatred, does the president have a point when you watch a certain channels, hatred comes to mind? >> it was still a little jarring for him to say hatred and venom as president of the united states. i don't think most journalists hate them, i think there is a built in opposition to the way
6:33 pm
he is conducting his presidency. there's also a natural pushback against the way he goes at the media, that's his right as president to do that. it does seem to me that the press doesn't quite know what to do but after flynn resigned, there is a sense of indication, even jubilation and some newsrooms. oh, we finally got a story to stick. just like every other president, when he accuses reporters acting out of a deep visceral dislike, that resonates with his supporters that do not trust the media. >> ed: i don't even watch him anymore, and then he goes, you know what they said last night? isn't part of this though, even if he is right about the hatred -- we won. turn off the channel or turn off the tv. focus on being president. >> i agree. he's doing something that a lot
6:34 pm
of people do, hate watching. the hatred part i have to say, and looked on twitter afterward afterwards, a republican strategist and is featured on cnn often in terms of her political analysis -- here's what she had to say afterwards. she says this presser is trump's usual whining, moaning, discombobulated -- that's not an analysis anymore, that is personal. tapper was on a pious soapbox and he said president trump, you legitimately won, now get back to work and stop whining about it. when he says that there is hatred and anger over that particular network, i just give you to go in examples where that is no longer reporting. that's personal. >> ed: we saw kellyanne conway and sean spicer but they were laughing -- you can laugh all you want.
6:35 pm
but how aren't they supposed be raining in a president? not encouraging it? >> ed, you do not rein in this president. i think that trump has tapped into something here and it helps him to go on the offense, it makes them feel better but should he be spending a couple of minutes going after cnn anchor, don lemon? that seems to be punching down just a little bit. i think the best way for this president, is to start pushing through elements of his legislative agenda. i do not know if beating up on the press -- the press is falling into a trap, seeming to be anti-trump, the tests feeds. >> ed: as he said himself, i would be reporter. two reporters who asked
6:36 pm
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he >> it's the job, he was just
6:40 pm
doing his job. the thing is, he did not tell our vice president properly and that he said he did not remember so either way, it wasn't really satisfactory to me. >> reporter: their people -- >> a simple, easy question. it's not. not a fair question. sit down. racism. the least racist person. in fact, we did very well relative to other people. quiet, quiet, quiet.
6:41 pm
>> ed: national correspondent, an orthodox jewish magazine. how do they feel after that close encounter with the force of nature that is this president? they join us live, now. boys and girls out there who want to be reporters someday, i sometimes make the mistake of doing a three or four part question and then they say i am going to pick 1 out of the four and i will duck all the rest. you basically just said did you fire flynn? and it forced him to answer it. and he basically said, i did. >> the reason i asked as the day before, when somebody asked about flynn, he talked about how flynn was so badly treated by the media. the day before that, sean spicer told us he fired flynn. >> ed: i want to ask you, jacob, you had a relationship with the president that predated his presidency back in new york.
6:42 pm
is that right? >> it was a relationship that i've had as a correspondent covering him, we've covered all the candidates but i got a lot of requests specifically to cover the trump campaign especially because of his longtime close connections with the orthodox jewish community on top of everything else that was going on. >> ed: the question he was asked as well, the prime minister of israel who had his back and when he was pressed, donald trump about whether or not he has been anti-somatic, people around him have said -- he got backing from prime minister netanyahu, what i think was important for critics to hear. >> i want to address what your question was rather than the answer you are trying to get me to say. >> ed: i have an open mind. i do not know what you are going to say. >> i've worked with the president, his people throughout the campaign and transition. so many times i've seen some of
6:43 pm
our colleagues describe certain events as -- in the way it relates to the jewish community in a certain light that no one in our community saw it that way. there are certain acts that were described as anti-somatic and the people in our community who know these people personally said no, that is not true. why are people who are not jewish deciding what is anti-semitism? he has done an unprecedented amount of outreach with the jewish community -- orthodox jewish community. we understand why it is so hurtful for him, to see himself being called an anti-semite. >> ed: when you don't believe it. >> not just i don't believe it, i've seen him first hand. >> ed: what you're saying is at some fair? >> very unfair.
6:44 pm
i am with him when it comes to being outraged about him being charged with this anti-semitism. >> ed: we hear some of our colleagues shouting from the rooftop saying our democracy is at stake. having a tense relationship with the president and press, sharp questions but a president who pushes back or some of the fawning -- let's be honest, when president obama got questions like what enchanted you about the first 100 days? >> this hole. it is a test of our democratic institution. guess what happened today? we saw the press act like it should. the president treated it like it should. he did not only call unfriendly reporters, he called on a wide range of people. >> ed: the narrative was he is afraid to go beyond "the daily caller" ." and people were wrong.
6:45 pm
>> he continued with the strategy, i think that would've been a fair charge. this was his first full-fledged press conference as president and he did it in the traditional way even though he excoriated us and called us dishonest, he did answer questions. there is a lot we learned. it was like the president was on the couch a month i felt it was a display of a human being with all of his frustrations -- even some charm, humor, a lot of grievance. i think we learned a lot. >> ed: i've been in that room before on the receiving end of a withering attack -- >> you've always had a better seat though. >> ed: president president obae charged unfairly that i was for mitt romney. did you feel -- it's a nerve-racking thing, you are on live television, how did you feel that moment and were you angry that he told you to sit
6:46 pm
down? >> i'm going to say something that will surprise you, and a lot of your viewers. i was actually very hopeful. it shows a president who is so committed against this problematic anti-semitism, it bothers him on a deep personal level and it makes me very hopeful that he will work together with the community. >> ed: bottom line for you as he pushed back hard and said what he needed to say. mara, jake, good to see you. the trump administrations incident crisis mode, this message today, he is running a well-oiled machine and the presl harpies, that's what it sounds like. the administration is an... drumroll please... crisis says one news outlet.
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>> i turn on the tv, open the newspapers and i see stories of chaos, chaos. yet, it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. despite the fact that i can't get my cabinet approved. >> ed: this week, the weekly memo about coverage, a theme about crisis. it seems to be popping up everywhere, the president insists everything is just dand dandy. d.c. politics for "the boston globe," today she wrote an article that yes, a sense of crisis is in groping the trump administration. she joins us now. the sense of crisis in the loping -- it is day 27.
6:52 pm
isn't it a bit of a stress? >> if you look at the drumbeat of news that has come out of washington, donald trump, his national security advisor having to resign or be fired 24 days into his term is unprecedented. >> ed: but people having to step aside happens all the time. all kinds of things piling up. i wonder though in the early days, you've also had ford saying we will create more jobs in america. carrier, that's not a crisis. >> sure, but that article is based on conversations with republicans on capitol hill who are also growing weary and frustrated about the constant turn and distractions, the
6:53 pm
number three ranking republican senate leader used in talking to reporters about what has been coming out of the white house. >> ed: there is no doubt during the press conference, he sort of just throughout their hey, there is a russian spy ship off the coast of america. we could blow it up but we are not probably going to. i was looking at the dow jones, like the market is going to react? he throws the things out there. there might be a sense of crisis but in any of your columns in the first 27 days, have you talked to voters in massachusetts or elsewhere? >> voters in massachusetts... >> ed: earlier in the show, we played this sound, one person tweeted me tonight. this is the man reelected and today was a breath of fresh air. >> and his numbers, better than
6:54 pm
ronald reagan at this point in terms of republican voters. the question though if this keeps going, this turn, this controversy, unprecedented actions, now the senate republicans are on board calling for an investigation into what did the president know, when. and maybe it all turns out to be not, but it does already dragging down our momentum. the legislative agenda, the republicans now control both houses of the -- the no leadership from the white house on what the obamacare replacement is going to look like. rand paul has a bill on the republicans --
6:55 pm
>> ed: just the other day, they would have it in mid-march, that was news. it is only day 27. >> there is a sense among republicans on the hill as well that the momentum is getting bogged down in this and they would much rather be focused on passing that legislation. >> ed: we appreciate it, victoria. the possible fate of an issue for the president that has been in trouble, the travel ban, we will report it, straight ahead.
6:56 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert, the ninth circuit court of appeals has announced it will not rehear the case of president trump's travel band, affecting at seven majority countries. it will likely be issued next week, the department of justice asked the ninth circuit to delay its proceedings, the court just moments ago granted that
7:00 pm
request. we will keep you updated on this developing story throughout the night. >> ed: that's about it for us tonight, tune in each night at nine to the show a clock that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we are coming to you tonight from our nation's capital, tonight, speaker of the house paul ryan and is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu will both join us but first, and a must see epic beat down, president donald trump called out the extremely dishonest propaganda media and that is tonight's opening monologue. so, last night we explained in great, great detail about how the abusively biased left-wing press is doing you, the american people such a great disservice by not telling you the truth, by having an agenda and in turn, they have created what i called


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